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Q: I get random flashing pixel artefact errors but the maximum chainlength is not reached or exceeded, yet. How can this happen?

A1: Is ledcount set correctly? If niftylight hardware-adapters are set to control a smaller amount of LEDs than actually are connected, the remaining LEDs are flashing.

A2: Is your power-supply strong enough? - Check if it happens again with lower gain values/darker content/lower chainlengths. If not, you connected too much LEDs to a single power-supply causing the supply voltage to drop too low.

A3: Is the error visible on the complete display setup? - Check/Replace the PC-adapter & the data-cable between PC-adapter and first module. If that doesn't help, try another adapter. (Repeated physical stress can cause loose contacts that can cause random flashing pixels)

A4: Is the error visible from a clearly defined position in the display chain? - If the error is not visible on the complete display, there is probably one defective element/loose contact in (the module before) the first erroneous module. To find the defective Module, skip one module by routing the output of one module to the input of the module after the next module. Be sure to use a (new) cable that is known to work correctly. If the error is gone, try to find the exact element that is causing the defect by replacing (or if possible testing) the data-cable. If it doesn't help, replace transceiver. If that doesn't help, replace the LED-module.

Q: The content of my LED-Setup suddenly stops for a short time before continuing and it's not caused by the content-source.

A1: Do you use a slow controller PC that is not capable to output high-resolution content smoothly?

  • Try to reduce unnecessary load on the controller PC
  • Use faster hardware or use more than one controller PC

A2: Does the USB-powered PC-Adapter get enough power to operate?

  • Don't use extremely long USB Cables to connect the adapter to the PC. If you have to, try using active repeaters or USB-Hubs with external power-supply.
  • If the power-supply of your controller PC is at its limits, try using a stronger power-supply.